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How God Rescued and Transformed Our Family

I sat down to do an interview at the D6 conference. My father was with me and shared how God rescued and transformed our family.

My family's story is one of grace and redeeming love. When we had no hope, God sent someone to introduce us to Jesus. 


I pray this will encourage you and be reminded that God can make a miracle out of messed up people.


Mar 26

THAT is an awesome testimony! Thanks for sharing it, Dale!

Couldn’t help to notice that y’all have some great hair!

Rick Katzfey

Northwest Arkansas.

Mar 26
Replying to

Hey Rick. So good to hear from you. I see your Facebook posts occasionally. Appreciate your family. Lots of great memories from serving together years ago. Yep, some gray hairs for sure. I have one grandson. How is your family doing? Dale

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