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How Gen Alpha is Different Than Gen Z

We hear a lot about Gen Alpha and Gen Z. While they have some similar characteristics, there is definitely a big difference between the two.

Let's start by defining their age ranges.

Gen Z are young people born between 1995 - 2009.

Gen Alpha are children born between 2010 - 2024.

Gen Z is moving into the workforce while Gen Alpha is moving through their school years.

In just four years, the oldest of Gen Alpha will be entering college and will outnumber the Baby Boomers.

Mark McCrindle is a social researcher and futurist who coined the term "Generation Alpha." He is internationally recognized as a leader in tracking emerging issues and researching social trends. Let's look at some of his findings as we compare Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Gen Z is about Tesla when it comes to cars. Gen Alpha is about autonomous vehicles.

Gen Z is about scooters. Gen Alpha is about fidget spinners.

Gen Z is about Spotify. Gen Alpha is about smart speakers.

Gen Alpha is more digital forward than Gen Z.

  • This means that Gen Alpha will adopt technologies like smartphones and social media even faster than Gen Z.

  • 36.0 million Gen Alpha consumers will be internet users this year, exceeding those in the 18-to-24 and 12-to-17 age brackets.

  • Gen Alpha smartphone users will reach 8.8 million this year and grow to 10.2 million by 2026.

  • The number of Gen Alpha social network users will climb slowly over the next four years, from 6.4 million in 2023 to 6.7 million in 2026.

Gen Alpha is more diverse than Gen Z.

  • Representing 13% of the US population and counting, Gen Alpha is more diverse than every other age demographic.

  • Nearly 3 in 10 (26%) Gen Alpha consumers are Hispanic (compared with 19% for the general population) and 7% are two or more races (versus 3% for the overall population), according to US Census Bureau data.

Gen Alpha is the first generation to experience a completely digital world. They are not familiar with CDs, DVDs or traditional TV. Gen Z remembers some of these things.

Gen Z remembers a world without Covid. For Gen Alpha, their childhood began in isolation due to Covid.

Gen Z is more likely to be independent and value individuality. Gen Alpha is more collaborative and values inclusivity.

Gen Z talks about technology while Gen Alpha is immersed in it. While Gen Z is just in the early stages of using artificial intelligence, Gen Alpha will integrate AI into their games, accessories and entertainment.

Due to technology distractions, Gen Alpha will lack concentration and the ability to pay close attention.

Gen Alpha will attend social events online and there will be less in-person socializing. Gen Alpha will be better educated.

Gen Alpha will focus on their goals and ignore the work-life balance that the Millenials have tried to find. If we are going to reach Gen Alpha with the Gospel, we must start now. We know that by the time they are 14, the chances of them coming to Christ, drops significantly. Now is the time to reach them. Now is the time for churches to invest heavily in children's ministry. Now is the time to understand Gen Alpha and extend to them a relevant hand of love and hope in Christ. Now is the time when the fields are ripe unto harvest. We must get there first with the Gospel before the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.



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