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How Covid-19 Has Affected Families

Covid-19 has obviously affected families. But in what ways?

First of all, the massive cultural changes we have and are going through affects the emotional wiring of both kids and parents.

We also note that many of the changes will never go away.

Here are a few of the changes that Covid-19 has had on families.

Emotional changes. 50% of parents' emotions have had big swings. Dads are looking for ways to rebel. Moms are pursuing personal growth through meditation and other means.

Family traditions are being strengthened. Not all of the changes are negative. A positive change is parents spending more time celebrating and preserving family traditions. Cooking as a family has increased. Family game nights are on the rise. This is encouraging news since family game nights had been in decline before Covid.

Media and entertainment from parents' childhoods have become relevant again. When asked to name shows they are watching with their children, parents said shows like Scooby-Doo, Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry. These are shows that were created 30-50 years ago. Seems like parents are going back to their childhoods and taking their children with them.

If we want to connect with families moving forward, we will need to focus on the traditions of the simpler, more innocent times that parents remember.

Covid-19 has also changed the priorities of families.