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Happiness Starts Here

This past weekend, I was shopping with my wife. As we were driving to another store, I saw a "Rita's" frozen custards store. If you've never had a "Rita's" frozen custard, you have missed one of the great joys in life.

When my wife and I got in line to order, we noticed this sign on top of a stanchion.

"Happiness Starts Here."

It was a true statement when it came to my taste buds.

This got me thinking. Could we say that about our ministry?

This got me thinking. Could we say that about our ministry?

Could we put up a sign like this and it be true? Could our sign say...

Happiness starts here.

Forgiveness starts here.

Grace starts here.

Truth starts here.

Peace starts here.

Compassion starts here.

Kindness starts here.

Godly relationships start here.

Care starts here.

Intercessory prayer starts here.

Fun starts here.

Smiles start here.

Friendships start here.

Unconditional love starts here.

Acceptance starts here.

A family of faith starts here.

A place to belong starts here.Joy starts here.

Empathy starts here.

A growing relationship with Jesus starts here.

Laughter starts here.

May all of these be true about your ministry.

What would your ministry sign say?


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