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Hand Kids the Keys to the Church

Children are often a key part of God's plans. Here are a few examples from Scripture.

John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit while still in his mother's womb. (Luke 1:15)

The Little Maid Girl helped bring healing to a great soldier named Naahman. (2 Kings 5:1-4)

Samuel serving in the temple and heard the voice of God while still a young boy. (I Samuel 3)

Josiah was elected as king when he was still a child (2 Chronicles 34)

Joash was also elected king as a child. (2 Kings 11)

Jesus used a boy's lunch to perform a miracle and feed over 5,000 people. (John 6)

Children led the way in praising Jesus in the temple. (Matthew 21:15-16)

David defeated Goliath in battle (1 Samuel 17)

In my own experiences, I have seen God use children in a great way...when we give them the opportunity to serve and take ownership of the church. If you will hand children the keys to the church, you will be amazed at how God will use them.

Here's an example. I am currently training two pre-teens to run the audio and visual during our children's worship experience. The truth is...they know more about computers than I do. They just need to the opportunity to use their talents for God's glory.

I think we often complain about not having enough volunteers for the ministry, when the truth is, there are lots of children who would love to serve if we would "give them the keys to the church."

We also complain when we see adults who are not serving anywhere. I wonder why they are not serving? Is it because we told them to "sit still and be quiet" when they were children and so now, as adults they are "sitting still and being quiet."

What are some ways you can hand kids the keys to the church?

Could we hand them the keys by allowing them to serve with their parents?

Could we hand them the keys by training them to run the audio / visual as I mentioned above?

Could we hand them the keys by letting them serve as greeters?

Could we hand them the keys by giving them the opportunity to help lead worship?

Could we hand them the keys by training them for outreach opportunities?

Could we hand them the keys by welcoming their input and feedback about our children's ministry programs and events?

Could we hand them the keys by leading them to do summer outreach in the community?

I remember one year, someone donated an ice cream truck to the church. We decided to use it for outreach in the community. We bought a ton of ice cream and other frozen treats. We decided the best strategy was to take the truck out into the neighborhoods. Then when kids came to get free ice cream, our kids would step out of the truck, hand them the ice cream and then share the Gospel with them.

As we did this and handed them the keys to the church, the kids stepped up and owned the ministry. They were excited about the ministry and led people to Christ.

In your own ministry, which keys do you need to hand off to the kiddos? What areas do you need to entrust them with?

When we hand off the church keys to children, we can see God do great things through them.

It's time we stop locking doors when it comes to kids. Rather, we should be unlocking the doors of service for them.

The vast number of churches are struggling with attendance patterns for kids and families. Families are only showing up at church about 1 weekend a month. That means they are missing 75% of the teaching. Then we should not be surprised when they grow and leave the church.

But I tell you who does attend more frequently. It's the kids and families that are serving. They are more consistent with their attendance patterns.

If you are reading this and have ever bought a house, you can remember the excitement you felt when they handed you the keys to your new home. You were a homeowner. If we want kids to own the church, then we must hand them the keys to the church. When this happens, you will see kids begin to own the ministry and they will be excited about attending and serving.

Handing kids the keys to the church leads to commitment.

Handing kids the keys to the church leads to buy-in.

Handing kids the keys to the church leads to multiplication.

Handing kids the keys to the church leads to kids being passionate about reaching others with the Gospel.

Handing kids the keys to the church sets them up for a lifetime of following Jesus.

Handing kids the keys to the church helps ensure that the faith will be passed on to coming generations.

Keys represent a welcome.

Keys represent trust.

Keys represent acceptance.

Keys represent an opportunity.

Keys represent potential.

Will you hand the keys to the next generation?


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