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Gospel Video Giveaway

Have you seen this short video? It gives a clear Gospel presentation that kids can understand.

It's called the Broken Figurine and helps kids understand that we have all sinned and that someone paid our sin bill for us.

I am going to give away a free copy of the video. Just send me an email (dale@buildingchildrensministry.com) and next week I will draw a name for someone to receive the copy.

This video can be used in a children's worship setting, Sunday school, outreach event, new believer's class, etc. It is also part of my new believers class that is called Starting Point. You can get more info. about Starting Point at this link.

The most important thing we will ever share with children is the Gospel. It is important to remember that the vast majority of people who come to Christ do so when they are children. We only have a small window of time to reach the next generation with the good news of the Gospel.

Let's get busy sharing the Gospel with the next generation.


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