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Families and Digital Media...the latest findings

A recent survey with over 5,000 families from around the world reveals how they are using digital media.

Millennials and Gen Z are becoming parents and are bringing their values, needs and experiences to the difficult job of raising today's kids.

For this group of truly digital-native parents, digital literacy is considered a core skill that today's kids need to thrive in society.

The research makes it clear - much of the time that Gen Alpha spends immersed in digital media is without a parent monitoring their online exploration.

Here are the devices that children are using to access digital media:

  • smartphones

  • tablets

  • laptops / pcs

  • smartwatches

  • smartspeakers

  • handheld game consoles

  • stationary game consoles

  • e-readers

28% of all children, ages 4 to 13, have access to and use these devices.

This group of parents wants the very best for their children and they understand that technology is one area to pursue this.

Family-friendly. The number one thing that parents want from children's media, is positive role models.

Parent engagement. Today's parents are looking for ways to spend more time with their children. Nearly 50% of parents co-view with their children. They see this as an opportunity to participate in a family activity and 74% of parents say they do this at least half the time they spend with their children.

Today's young parents acknowledge that their children are digitally engaged and see it as an opportunity to join them for quality family time.

Audio entertainment is also a factor. While not as many are engaged in this form of media, the ones who do are more likely to do so as a family.

59% of families have a generic smart speaker and 59% have a child-specific smart speaker.

It's important to keep these findings in mind when you are developing curriculum, preparing lessons and creating events for today's families.

Some questions to think about and discuss with your team:

1. How can we use digital devices (as listed above) to connect with today's kids and families?

2. How can we use today's technology to help disciple children?

3. How can we use today's technology to partner with parents?

4. How can we encourage parents to monitor their children's online footprint?

5. How can we use audio like podcasts to influence kids and parents for Christ?

Your turn. How are you using digital media to engage today's kids and parents? Share your ideas and insight in the comment section below.


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