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Don't Miss Out On The Big Benefits of Having a Mission Statement

Do you have a mission / vision statement for your children's ministry? There are big benefits that come from having a mission statement. Let's look at a few of the benefits and some general tips on how to implement a mission statement.

A mission statement clarifies what your ministry is about. It takes everything you do and narrows it down to a short statement.

A mission statement is a key part of focusing your team on what matters to the ministry. What is your ministry passionate about? What are the "wins" for your ministry? What does success look like?

A mission statement tells people why you do what you do. It moves beyond what you do and shows people why you do what you do. It helps volunteers understand why they are serving. It brings alignment to the ministry based on the why.

A mission statement helps your team members stay focused. It is a rally point that you can take team members back to.