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Do You Know These 20 Facts About Today's Kids?

You were once a child. But not now. And childhood has changed.

As a children's ministry leader, it is crucial that you stay in touch with today's kids.

Here are 20 facts about today's kids. Read through these and see how many you know. Share these with your children's ministry volunteers and teammates.

1. They can watch new release movies without ever leaving the house.

2. They spend less time playing outside.

3. They can see all their baby and preschool pictures in one place - Facebook.

4. 80% of children ages 5 to 11 use or interact with a tablet computer.

5. 89% of child ages 5 to 11 watch videos on YouTube.

6. The Fortnite game is played by 44% of 6-to-12 year olds.

7. Their “phone” is primarily a picture taker, video game, direction finder and research library.

8. They have never heard the whiny noise that was part of dial-up internet access.

9. Toys R' Us has become Toys Were Us.

10. They have to beware of online predators.

11. Because of revenue from YouTube, kids are becoming millionaires.

12. Today's kids have spent major time at home...quarantined away from their friends and in some cases even family members.

13. Because of the pandemic, today's kids have developed a deeper relationship with their parents due to so many parents working from home.

14. They have never blown the dust out of a video game cartridge with the hopes it will work this time.

15. Cartoons and kids shows have always been available 24/7 with on demand and a host of channels dedicated solely for kids.

16. They do not know what a phone book is.

17. Paw Patrol is currently the favorite TV show for babies through age 7. SpongeBob is the most popular among ages 8 to 11. Stranger Things is the most popular for ages 12 to 16.

18. What worries older kids the most as they move into adulthood?

  • cost of living

  • the economy

  • wars around the world

  • terrorism

  • parents' job security

  • crime in their town

  • government leadership

  • cyber crime

19. Their top 3 brands are YouTube, Netflix and iPhone.

20. What is a pay phone?

Your turn. Add to the list by leaving a comment below.


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