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Do This to Enhance Your Preschool Lessons

A few weeks ago, I was in Barnes and Nobles (yes - there are some that are still in business).

As I normally do, I went to check out the kids' section. Something immediately caught my eye. For the place where they do live story time, they had created this cool little area.

This serves as the backdrop for their live reading sessions. It helps bring the story alive and enhances it.

We know kids are very visual so putting up a small stage and backdrop makes a big difference in holding their attention.

What about your preschool area? Do you have a small stage or backdrop for the lesson time? If not, I would encourage you to do something like this. We are not talking about a huge amount of money. If you ask, I am sure there are creative people in your church that would love to help make this happen.

Here are a few designing ideas:

  • Create and sketch out a fun, engaging background.

  • Have a digital designer (or your church) make your sketches into a printable file.

  • Go to your local printer (or if you have one in your ministry) and have them print you a backdrop.

  • Use styrofoam, cardboard, wood or another material to make some 3D backdrop pieces (like the trees and Pooh Bear in the picture).

  • If you use puppets, you can cut a hole somewhere on the backdrop where they can come out.

  • If you are a portable church, you can put a loop on the top and hang it on a frame or backdrop poles.

If you have space, set your backdrop up in a room by itself and escort kids to that room for lesson time.

You will be amazed by the difference this one simple thing can do for your lesson. You will also find that it helps kids' attention to stay focused up front.

There are couple of different options of using a backdrop.

You can just make one neutral, kid-friendly backdrop to use for all of your teaching series.


If you have the means and margin, you can create a new backdrop for each new teaching series.

One final thought...

A bland children's ministry facility will make your children's ministry seem worse than it is. A fun, kid-friendly facility will make your children's ministry seem better than it is.

Here is a promise. If you'll use a themed background for your lesson time, you will see kids more engaged and connected.

Your turn. Do you have a preschool chapel time?

Do you have a dedicated space for this? Is it them

Would love to see a picture of the area you use for preschool chapel.

Share your ideas and insight in the comment section below.


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