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Digital Native Parenting

There is a new generation of parents. They are the first generation of parents who are truly digital natives.

These are parents who grew up with the presence of digital technology. They are part of the information age and they are fluent in technology. They are bringing their own values and experiences to the job of parenting and raising kids. Their biggest concern is making sure that their children are digitally literate and prepared to thrive in this age of rapid technological growth and advancement.

A study was done with over 5,000 families. They were asked about parenting in this modern age. Let's start by understanding just how much time today's children spend accessing digital media. For most children, much of the time they spend consuming online content is without their parents monitoring them.

Digital native parents must be diligent to monitor what their children are consuming online. Never has there been so much online content available to children. There are untold amounts of content that make its way to today's children.

The 5,000 families were asked which of these devices their children had access to.



Laptops / PC's

Smart watches

Generic smart-speakers

Handheld game consoles

Stationary game consoles


28% had access to and used all of these devices.

75% had access to and used 5 of these devices.

We must help parents embrace the responsibility they have to managing their children's online content consumption.

We must also think about ways we can encourage parents to actively engage with their children when it comes to technology consumption. Families want to spend time together. Used wisely, today's parents can use technology to watch, teach, play and have fun with their children.

Digital native parents are looking for opportunities to spend time with their children. They know their children are digitally engaged and see this as an opportunity for solid family time.

I believe we have a huge opportunity to engage digital native parents in the discipleship of their children.

We must shift our mindset to see technology in this light.

What can you provide for parents and kids to have spiritual conversations through digital technology?

How can you use digital technology to help kids and parents explore the teachings of the Bible together?

How can we help parents use technology to disciple their children?

We must remember that digital native parents and their children are immersed in technology. We must find ways to leverage this platform to effectively minister to families.

Your turn.

How do you engage digital native parents?

Do you have a strategy to see kids discipled by their digital native parents?

What tools and resources can you provide for digital native parents?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.


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