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Covid...A Defining Experience for Gen Z and Gen Alpha Kids

Each generation has a defining experience. For Gen Z and Gen Alpha kids, one of the biggest definers will be Covid.

Here are some interesting facts about how Covid is impacting them.

  • 29% of their families are facing financial strain.

  • 27% of kids are struggling with this "new norm."

  • 22% worry about their family.

  • 27% worry about their families' health.

  • 17% worry about their health.

  • 26% worry about their friends.

  • 30% are bored all the time.

Kids describe themselves as...

  • depressed or sad (11%)

  • stressed or overwhelmed (10%)

  • mad or frustrated (7%)

  • scared or worried (6%)

Issues Gen Alpha and Gen Z care about are...

  • Racism

  • Gender equality

  • Human rights

Missed relationships - but keeping in touch with friends and distant family

  • phone calls (38%)

  • Face Time (37%)

  • texting (32%)

  • Zoom calls (28%)

  • video game chats (27%)

  • social media (23%)

32% of parents say they have grown closer to their children through this pandemic.

1.5 billion kids have been out of school because of Covid.

75% of kids around the world are still unable to use remote learning because they don't have access to the internet.

77% of parents took over their child's education through homeschooling.

25% of primary schools did not implement any kind of digital learning solutions.

37% of parents say they have struggled with balancing work and teaching their children.

How kids are spending their time...

  • using a phone camera (%)

  • playing video games (27%)

  • using a smartphone (69%)

  • watching TV (82%)

  • reading books (36%)

  • playing outside (58%)

  • hanging out with friends (11%)

Top Family Activities:

  • watching movies (69%)

  • cooking / baking (67%)

  • playing video games (62%)

  • playing cards or board games (61%)

  • building things with toys like Legos (51%)

  • art and craft projects (52%)

Top Brands Among Kids Ag

  • YouTube

  • McDonalds

  • Oreos

Spending on video games has increased by 700 million dollars during the pandemic.

Money spend on scooters and skateboards has increased by 107%.

Arts and crafts sales have increased by 11%.

Language books sales have increased by 117%.

Webcam sales have increased by 116%.

Puzzle sales have increased by 37%.

Activity book sales have increased by 458%.

School and education book sales have increased by 125%.

Outdoor sports and games have increased by 27%.

Keyboard sales have increased by 62%.

Ebook sales have decreased by 11%.

Pen and pencil sales have decreased by 32%.

What an incredible time to be in children's ministry. The answer for every child and parent is Jesus. He is more powerful than any virus. As kids experience His presence and power, it will be the ultimate experience of their entire lifetime. Let's faithfully continue to teach them for what that can mean for them.

(stats from www.kidscreen.com)


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