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Connecting Parents...An Essential Part of Children's Ministry

When I first started in children's ministry over 33 years ago, I had a strategy that was not conducive to ministering to parents.

I thought my job was to reach and disciple children. And it was. But there was a vital part I was missing.

I was not spending time and effort into ministering to parents as well.

My thought process was - I'll minister to the children and the adult ministry can minister to the parents.

And that was partially true. Of course, adult ministry should focus on reaching and discipling parents. But so should children's ministry.

You have a unique opportunity. You see, you have an open door to minister to parents. Why? Because you are ministering to their children. And parent's obviously love their children. When you do something nice for a child...when you invest your time in a child...when you show that you care about a child...you quickly get the attention of their parents. Do something nice for my child and you've got my attention.

No matter how far a parent is away from God, if you do something nice for their child, you've got thei