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Child Dedication: Are You Missing Out On These Important Parts Of It?

I believe that spiritual milestones for families are one of the most impactful things you can do for them.

The first milestone is child dedication. But hang on a minute. Do you see something that is missing?

Yes. There is something very important missing. It's the word "Parent."

The dedication is just as much for the parents as it is for the children.

This is one of the key times to connect with parents. Parents will open the door of their heart and be receptive to your insight and teaching about not only dedicating their children, but themselves as well.

What you call this milestone is important. I see many churches that leave out the word "parent" in their approach. I believe this is a big mistake. You should focus just as much on the parents as you do on the children during this.

This should be reflected in your teaching at a parent and child dedication class. The class should be held before the dedication and everyone should be required to attend. Spend a lot of the class time talking to the parents about raising their children to love Jesus. Give them practical steps they can take to do this.

I have found that it is crucial to speak into the lives of parents while their children are young. By doing this, you can help young parents prioritize their lives and have a Christ-centered approach to parenting.

I have been frustrated at the attendance patterns of today's young families just as you have. Many families only show up at church once every four to five weeks. This is often due to parents putting activities like sports before church attendance.

I believe one of the times to prevent this from happening is in a Parent and Child Dedication Class. In the class, you can be specific about making sure church attendance is a top priority for their family. I have found planting these seeds in young parents will bear fruit as their child gets older.

The Parent and Child Dedication class I created has a carefully planned format that impacts young families and creates a memorable experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Don't forget. Our ministry should be focused on parents just as much as children. Parents are the biggest influence in a child's life and we have the opportunity to equip parents at key times like Parent and Child Dedication.

So...is the word "parent" in your child dedication strategy?

Do you focus on parents just as much as children during the dedication?

"Parent" is a small word that can make a huge impact when you include it in your dedication strategy.


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