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Anxiety in Children's Ministry...How to Deal With It

You look down the hallway and see 2 classrooms without teachers because they called out this morning....anxiety.

VBS starts in 2 weeks and you still need 3 teachers...anxiety.

One of your best teachers resigned yesterday...anxiety.

You are working on your day off...anxiety.

A parent is upset because they lost their pick-up tag...anxiety.

You have a meeting with the Pastor because a few parents are complaining...anxiety.

You've got so much on your mind that you are having a hard time sleeping...anxiety.

A child breaks their arm at kids' camp...anxiety.

You have a meeting with a volunteer that is upset...anxiety.

You haven't been able to take a vacation in over a year...anxiety.

You have to take work home because there is so much to do...anxiety.

You planned for 10 children to show up for the event...but 50 show up...anxiety.

All of your plans for kids' camp were on a laptop and the laptop crashes...anxiety.

A parent is 45 minutes late to pick-up their child after an event...anxiety.

It rains out your big, outside event...anxiety.