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An Object Lesson to Show Kids What Sin Is

Before a person can be born again, they must first understand what sin is and acknowledge that they have sinned.


This is especially true when a child is asking questions about following Jesus.


Here is an object lesson that is used in the Starting Point class to help children (and parents) understand what sin is and how it effects us.


Give them a simple definition of sin. 

Sin is disobeying God.  It's doing things God has told us not to do and it's not doing things that God has asked us to do.


A key verse to share with the kids is Romans 3:23.  Read the verse with the kids.

"Everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard."

Explain to the kids that everyone has sinned.  No one is perfect. 

Bring out a cup or bowl that has "God is perfect" written on it and place it on the ground or a table.

Bring out a ping pong ball.  Have a child step back 4-5 feet away from the cup or bowl.  

Have the child try to bounce the ball off the ground and into the cup or bowl.  

Give them several attempts.  If they make it on the first try, have them toss the ball again until they miss it.

Explain that just as the child missed the cup, we have missed the mark.  Only God is perfect.  No matter how hard we try to be good, we are still sinners in God's eyes.  

Have the kids write down at least one sin they have committed. 

Explain that if we just sin one time a day, that's 365 sins in one year.  That's a lot of sins. 


The truth is we have all sinned. 

From this basis, you can then explain how the price for our sins was paid for by Jesus.  

The cup and ball is a great way to help kids understand they have missed the mark of God's perfection.

This illustration is part of the Starting Point curriculum that has been used to lead thousands of kids and parents to faith in Christ. 



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