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A Proven Way to Reach Unchurched Families

How do you reach unchurched families?

How do you grow your church by reaching parents who are far from God?

And I mean growth from reaching unchurched families, not just transfer growth.

In this article, I'd like to share with you a strategy that I have personally seen God use to reach entire families for Christ.

Let's start by talking about Milestones. These are monumental, spiritual events in a child's life. Here are five that I recommend:

Milestones for Children's Ministries:

Here's how you can use these milestones to reach unchurched families.

Encourage and empower the people who are being baptized or celebrated to invite their unchurched friends, family members, classmates and other key people in their life to their baptism.

You can even make some invitation cards and give them to each person who is being baptized. They can use these to personally invite people they know.

And it works.

When I am not traveling, I attend my brother's church.

This past weekend, we had a baptism service on Sunday morning after the service. Several of the people who were baptized had invited many of their family, friends, classmates, etc.

One pre-teen girl who was baptized went to school and personally invited her entire class to come to see her get baptized. Yes, that is correct. She invited them one person at a time.

Sunday, this young lady had 14 unchurched families come to church and her baptism. Yes, you read that correctly...14 new unchurched families. We are believing that we are going to see much fruit from this in the days ahead.

Here is a partial shot of the people who came to see her and others get baptized.

We must help kids grasp what it means to follow Jesus and then help them develop a passion for reaching other people as well.

Make this part of your strategy and I guarantee that you will see unchurched families come to your church.


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