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A Good Time to Make Changes

In the church world, a lot of things have changed since Covid-19 appeared on the scene. How we interact, how we worship, how we fellowship...how we plan big events, how we connect with parents and volunteers...on and on we could go. The world is definitely not the same.

In the midst of the changes you are experiencing and walking through, now might be a good time to make some subtle changes that you've been waiting for the right time to make.

Here's an example. I know a church that still used hymn books. Even though they had some very nice, large screen TV's up front with the words to the songs, many people still sang out of the hymn books.

When Covid-19 hit, for safety reasons, they decided to do away with the hymn books and have people just look at the screens for the words of the songs. This went very well and brought no opposition since people didn't want to be holding and handling song books that might have germs and viruses from someone else.

Funny thing ...even though the church is pretty much back to normal, there are no hymn books...just the two big screens mounted up front. And everyone likes the picture quality of the TV's. The song books will not be coming back. No fuss...no voting...no one getting upset about the switch.

When it comes to leading change, it can be difficult at times. It takes wisdom, a good strategy and the right timing.

Covid-19 may be the right time to introduce some changes for you and your ministry. What do you think?


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