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8 Key Things Every Children's Ministry Room Needs to Have

What are some key elements you need to have in your children's ministry rooms?

Look through these 8 things and see if you are missing anything.

Window. The classroom should have a window so that people can see into the room. The window can be in the door or as a separate part of the interior wall.

Security camera. This can be a lifesaver for you. The camera should be able to cover the entire room. This is to protect the children and volunteers that serve in the room. It eliminates the he said / she said dilemma since anything that happens can be seen in the camera replay.

A minimum of 2 approved volunteers. The room should not be opened to receive kids until there are at least 2 volunteers ready to receive them.

Bookshelves bolted to the walls. All bookshelves should be bolted to the wall. This is to keep a bookshelf from toppling over on a child that is climbing on it or trying to stand on one of the shelves.