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7 Myths About Children's Ministry

There are lots of things that people assume are true about children's ministry. But in reality, they are simply myths. Let's look at seven of the most common myths about children's ministry.

Myth #1 - Children's ministry is only about children.

Truth: Children's ministry is about children, students who serve, parents, grandparents and volunteers. You must be able to lead teenagers and adults if you are going to succeed in children's ministry.

Myth #2 - Children are too young to invite Jesus into their life.

Truth: The Bible never says that children have to act like adults to be saved. In fact, it says the opposite. We must come to Jesus with child-like faith. Yes, there is an age of accountability for children, but it varies from child to child. God sets the age for that, not us.

Myth #3 - There is no value in having a Bible lesson in the nursery.