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5 Things Every Kid Wants From Your Ministry

This week children will walk through the doors of your church.

They will come from many different backgrounds, family dynamics and life situations.

No matter what they are mentally or physically carrying as they walk into the doors of your church, there are 5 big things they want from your children's ministry.

They may not be able to articulate these 5 things, but it is what they are longing for.

Every child wants to hear their name spoken.

The sweetest sound to a child is hearing their name called (unless they are in trouble).

When you call a child by name it shows them that you care enough about them to memorize their name (of course - name tags are a big help with this - but don't depend on name tags - learn the child's name and remember it).

Every child wants to be accepted.

Kids are often insecure...especially if they are new or don't have any friends at church (kinda' like us as adults - right?).

Help them get connected to other children in the church so they have the opportunity to make some friends. You will often have to initiate this for them.

After we have been in a church for a while, we tend to forget what it is like to walk into a new place and not know anyone. It can especially be hard for a child to do this.

Go the second mile to make children feel accepted. One key part of this is teaching the kids who are already attending to be intentional about helping new kids or kids who are loners.

If you really want to be intentional, train a team of kids to be greeters. They can meet new children at the door and hang with them throughout the entire service. This will not only help new or lonely kids to feel accepted, but will also give established kids an opportunity to serve.