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5 Things Every Child Needs From Your Ministry

There are 5 things that every child needs from your ministry. Let's take a look at what they are.

Every child in your ministry needs a caring volunteer. A person that knows their name. A person that misses them when they are not present.

A person that believes in them. A person that helps them learn God's Word. A person that asks how their week went.

One of our top priorities must be to have every child connected to a caring leader. For this to happen, you must have the proper ratios of volunteers to kids. And you must get kids out of rows of chairs and into small circles where they will be known and cared for by a volunteer.

*if you need help building a volunteer team, the book at this link is a must have

Every child in your ministry needs a friend. Friendships at church matter. Look around at your ministry this week. Are there kids sitting alone? Are there kids nervously looking around? Are there kids that no one is talking to?

Lonely kids soon become absent kids.

But you can prevent this. Watch for these kids and help them get connected. Introduce the child to a potential friend. Bring the child over to a group of kids who are playing a game and get the child involved in the game.

Have icebreakers at the beginning of the class that get kids talking and sharing.