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5 Strategic Steps to Take After VBS is Over

It's summertime and for many churches that means it is time for VBS (or whatever you call it).

If you will be strategic, you can see great results not only during VBS, but afterwards as well.

In fact, I would say that what you do after VBS is just as, if not more important, than what you do during VBS.

Here are 5 strategic steps to take after VBS is over.

Step One - invite your VBS guests to attend your weekend services.

Some ideas to help with this are:

Have the kids come up and sing a VBS song during the weekend service. Parents and grandparents love to see their kiddos sing and perform and they will come.

Offer a special gift for first-time VBS attendees and parents who come to a weekend church service.

Send an email invitation to attend a weekend service.

Call them on the phone and thank them for coming to VBS. Invite them to a weekend service.