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5 Personal Growth Steps to Take in 2024

Want to be a better leader this coming year?

Feel like you are the lid that is holding back the ministry from growing?

Feel like you are stuck in a leadership rut?

Do you feel like you have grown complacent?


Here are 5 personal growth steps you can take in 2024 to become a better leader.

#1 - Develop a growth mindset.

People who have a growth mindset believe their talents and skills can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others.

They are not satisfied with the status quo. They avoid becoming complacent and comfortable.

Comfort zones are where dreams go to die.


How much do you want to grow in this coming year?

Jeremiah the prophet had a growth mindset.  Look what he says in Jeremiah 20:9.

"But if I say I’ll never mention the LORD or speak in His name, His word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!" 

Jeremiah was not comfortable with where he was.  He had a fire burning inside that kept him from becoming comfortable and complacent.  He had a growing mindset.


Rick Warren has a growth mindset. Look what he says about this and how it relates to growing not only you, but your ministry as well. 

Years ago, I stopped trying to grow our church and focused on growing me.  As I grew, the church grew.

A growth mindset will help you grow as a leader in 2024.

This may mean asking God to restore your love and passion for ministry and investing in the next generation.

#2 - Coaching.

When you see someone growing in their leadership skills, they probably have a coach. A coach is investing in them personally.  A coach is challenging them. A coach is helping them discover their blind spots.  A coach is helping them dig deep into their life and correct or adjust areas they need to grow in.

Do you have a coach?


I have a 6-month coaching experience.  Advance Leadership Coaching can help you get unstuck and to the next level of leadership.


Here is the link for the next coaching group that starts in January.  Check it out.  Pray about it.  Maybe God is leading you to be part of this. It might just be one of the greatest investments you will make for yourself in this coming year.  As part of the program, I will help you find and correct your leadership blind spots.

#3 - Reading and listening.  

Reading books and listening to podcasts is a great way to grow as a leader.  We've all heard the old saying....leaders are readers.  You could also add "leaders are listeners."

Lay out a plan to read certain books and listen to certain podcasts this year.  It's also a good way to grow as a team by reading the same books and listening to podcasts and then having discussions about it.

I have several books I have written that can help you grow to the next level and also help your team grow together.  You can get copies of the books at this link.

#4 - Attending worship and the teaching of God's Word.

If you want to grow this year, it is important that you are a part of a worship and teaching service each week.  I know at times it can be challenging to get in the service with everything that is going on in the children's ministry services.

But it is important...extremely important that you get into a service as often as possible.

You need to be filled by the Holy Spirit so you can minister effectively and continue to grow as a leader.


Remember...faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God. 

If you are only "doing" and not "hearing", you will be limited as a leader.

#5 - Spending time with Jesus.


Our first calling is found in Mark 3:14.  It's not teaching.  It's not exhorting.  Its not healing.  It's not casting out evil spirits.  Its not building a ministry.  It's not raising up leaders.


Here is your first calling.

"He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach."

Our first calling is spending time with Jesus. 


As we spend time with Jesus, we will experience supernatural growth both personally and in ministry.

It's like your car. You have to fill it up with gas if you want to go somewhere. As we spend time with Jesus, we will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and we will go out to minister in that power.

No prayer...no power.

If you want to grow this coming year, it will happen as you spend time with Jesus.  In His presence is fullness of joy.


Remember the old song...

Read your Bible...pray every day....pray every day...pray every day.  Read your Bible pray every day...and you'll grow...grow...grow.


I pray that 2024 is a great year of spiritual growth for you.  As you grow your ministry will grow.


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