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5 Guidelines (Rules) for a Children's Class

When I teach a children's class, I share with them 5 guidelines (rules) that I expect them to follow.

I use the word "guidelines" instead of "rules." The word "rules" can have a negative connotation with children while guidelines are something that kids can follow if they want to have a positive class experience.

Here are 5 guidelines I expect kids to follow when I am leading a class.

Guideline 1 - Talk when it is time to talk. I want to have a noisy classroom. I want to have kids talking. Discussing questions. Sharing prayer requests. Cheering for their team during a game.

I believe a noisy classroom is a sign of success as long as the noise is designated for certain times.

Guideline 2 - Listen when it's time to listen. There are also times when you want the kids to get still and quiet and listen to what is being shared or told. Lesson time. Prayer time. Announcement time.

Guideline 3 - Sing when it's time to sing. Encourage kids to sing when it is time to sing. If you don't, you will have lots of kids that just stand there during the time of worship. Explain to them that they are singing for an audience of ONE. It can be a challenge to get boys to sing. Focus your music selection on the older kids and you will catch all of the kids in the room.

Guideline 4 - Play when it's time to play. This helps kids get involved in game and activity times. Reward the kids who get involved and play. Yes, one of the top ways kids learn is through play. Make sure your games and activities are tied into your teaching points.

Guideline 5 - Have fun. Some people think church should be a solemn experience where no one smiles or has any fun. I believe what David says in Psalm 122:1.

I was GLAD when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord.

Church should be a happy, fun experience for children. Boring should not be a word we hear from kids at church.

We keep telling children to be still and quiet in church. They are wired to do the opposite. Then we wonder why they grow up and all they do is sit still and be quiet in church. Because we told them to.

Use these five guidelines and you will see discipline issues go down. Use these five guidelines and you will see kids more engaged in your lesson.

Your Turn. What do you for guidelines (rules) in your ministry? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.


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