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5 Examples of Amazing Customer Service and What We Can Learn From It

How you treat people determines if they will return to your church for a second visit. And often, it will be a determining factor if they keep coming and become a part of your church family.

Remember this...people won't remember everything they heard in the sermon or what free gift you gave them for coming or how many people shook their hand when you asked them to greet someone near them.

But they will remember how you made them "feel." And that is tied to the customer service experience you give them. You must go beyond and above their expectations.

Let's look at 5 examples of great customer service.

Help Out During a Dilemma

A friend of mine went to Disney World with his wife and baby. The baby got sick and threw up his formula. It was so bad that the baby threw up all over his own clothes. They were in a dilemma. They had forgot to bring an extra pair of clothes and now their baby was covered in throw up.

This happened right in front of a Disney store. Seeing that the family didn't have any fresh clothes to change their baby into, an employee went out to them with brand new clothes from the store. No charge...amazing customer service.

Go the Second Mile

When you deliver beyond the guests' expectations or add a personal touch to the service experience, it can leave a positive impression.

As you are helping a new family check-in, ask some questions like "what's your favorite candy? What do you like to do for fun? Who is your favorite super hero?" Make a mental note and then during the service, jump in your car and run to Target or Walmart. Buy one of the things they told you they like and have it ready to give to them at check-out.

Here's an example. We found out during check-in that one of our guests loved M&M's and basketball. During service, I drove over to Target and bought a big bag of M&M's and a basketball. I put it in a gift bag and we gave it to them as they were leaving.

This shows a guest that you are willing to go the second mile for them as an individual. It also shows that you are willing to over deliver just for them.