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5 Crucial Steps to Take Coming Out of Easter

Wow! Easter has come and gone. I pray you had great Easter services. I know you put in extra hours leading up to it. I had the joy of teaching the elementary Easter lesson in my home church. It was a blast, but yes, it can be draining (in a good way).

Yes. You should take a day to rest and recuperate from all the time and effort you gave.

But don't rest for too long. There are 5 crucial steps you need to take coming out of Easter. These steps are just as, if not more, important than the steps you took leading into Easter.

For maximum impact, these steps need to be taken asap after Easter. Like within the first week after Easter. The quicker you take these steps the more impact you will have.

Let's jump in and see what steps you should be taking coming out of Easter.

Send a personal, handwritten note to every guest who attended. In the note, let them know how honored you were to have them as a guest. Invite them to come back and offer them a free gift on their next visit.