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3 Voices Children Need to Hear

There are a lot of voices vying for the attention of today's kids. In the midst of all the noise coming their way, there are three key voices that we need to teach children to recognize and tune into.

The voice of the Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit wants to guide and lead children. I am not talking about a vocal voice, but rather the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit who speaks into their life.

A great example of God speaking to a child is Samuel. He heard the voice of God when he was just a child living in the temple.

Teach children about praying. Teach them about talking with God. But don't stop there. Teach them that prayer is also listening for the Holy Spirit to speak to us.

Here's one way you can effectively teach kids to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. Have the kids get still and quiet. Heads bowed. Eyes closed. Give them a minute or so to individually talk with God in the stillness of the moment.

Then have them start listening. Have them ask God to speak to them in the quiet. Give them a minute or so to do this as well.

Then have some of the kids share with everyone what the Holy Spirit was saying to them. You will be amazed at the responses they will share.

Remind the children up front that the Holy Spirit will never tell them something that goes against God's written Word, the Bible.

Oh,how we need children who will rise up to be prayer warriors. Children who will live in sync with the plan God has for them. Children who will know and recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The voice of their parents. Several years ago, I took my youngest son to a parent/child camp in Northern California. It was a wonderful experience. The entire camp was set up for parents and their child to attend together. Each day we would do activities like rope climbing, hiking, riding the white water rapids and many other fun things. In the evening, we had classes and worship services.

One afternoon, they took a group of us to an obstacle course. When we got there they pulled the parents aside and told us this.

"We are going to blindfold your child. After they are blindfolded, you will stand beside them and whisper three things into their ear.

1 - I love you.

2 - Always listen to my voice.

3 - I will never leave you.

After we told our children these 3 things, we started guiding them through the obstacle course with our voice.

"Take 5 steps that way."

"There is a boulder in front of you that we have to climb over. I will guide you through it."

"We are coming up on a tunnel. We need to get down on our knees to get through it."

About half way through the obstacle course, the camp staff motioned for us to quietly come away from our children.

The camp staff then stepped in and started whispering directions to our children. If our child listened to their voice, they would run into a tree or go down a side path or end up at dead end.

After doing this for a few minutes, they had us (parents) step back in and guide them to the end of the course.

After we got to the end of the course, they reminded our children how important it is to listen to the voice of their parents. Other voices will try to speak into their lives. Voices that are contrary to their parent's voice. Don't be misguided. Stay tuned into your parent's voice.

It is important to teach kids to listen to the voice of their parents. Look what God's Word says in Proverbs 13:1.

"A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not respond to rebukes."

Reminding children how important it is to listen their parents is a great way to partner with parents and reinforce the role God as placed them in as their child's primary influencer.

The voice of a caring leader. Yes, parents are the number one influence in their child's life. But I have also found that God will send another voice into the child's life to reinforce what parents are saying. It might be the voice of a caring leader. It might be a children's pastor. It might be a caring volunteer leader. It might be a godly man or woman in the congregation.

Over the years, I am thankful for people that God brought into my life to help me follow Jesus. One was a godly deacon. One was my youth pastor. One was a businessman. All of these leaders showed that they cared for me and my spiritual journey.

If you are reading this and you are a volunteer leader who is investing in children, be reminded of how important your voice is in the children's life. Your words will make an impact. Your words will encourage children to follow Jesus. Your words will help children stay on the right path. Your voice matters...a bunch. I believe it only takes one caring leader speaking into a child's life to see them follow Jesus.

3 voices. The Holy Spirit. Parents. Caring leaders. Oh how we need children who will rise up to be prayer warriors. Children who will live in sync with the plan God has for them. Children who will know and recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit.

If we can help children listen to these 3 voices, we can see them love and follow Jesus for a lifetime.


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