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3 Big Ministry Questions You Should Ask Every Week

If you serve in children's ministry, there are 3 big questions you should ask every week.

These 3 questions can unlock the door to growth, ministry improvement and encouragement.

When I lead in a multi-site context, I ask each campus to send me the answers to these 3 questions. If you are not multi-site, then you can ask your staff members and some of your key volunteers to send you answers to these 3 questions.

Here are the 3 questions:

Question #1 - What went well?

This question will provide you with information about the wins. Here are a few examples that people might comment on:

Particular parts of the lesson?

The worship time?

The Sunday School or small group time?

Object lessons?

Check-in and check-out?

Preschool story time?


Large group time?

Volunteer engagement?

Nursery atmosphere?

Question #2 - What needs to improve or change?

This question will provide you with information about things that need to be improved or changed. Here are a few examples that people might send you:

Kids didn't engage with a worship song.

The craft took too long to put together.

We did not have enough greeters.

The pick-up time took too long for parents.

The games did not connect well back to the main point of the lesson.

The lesson for preschoolers needs to be more interactive.

We did not have enough time in small group time because the large group lesson went too long.

Question #3 - Where did you see God at work?

We had 3 new families come today.

A volunteer shared that they had a big prayer answered this past week.

The preschool lesson kept the kid's attention and they were engaged.

A new volunteer we have been training led a small group by themselves for the first time today.

5 children and parents signed up for baptism class.

It was wonderful seeing the kids engaging in worship and praising Jesus.

We had 5 new volunteers start today.

Take the notes that are sent to you and use them as talking points with your team.

You can gain great insight and growth if you will do this each week.


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