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What Are You Focused On?

What are you focused on as a ministry? What you are focused on should align your ministry culture around a common vision.

That's your starting point.

If you do not have a vision, then it's vital that you work with your team to create your vision statement and put it in writing for all to see.

This will help you create a reason for your team members to be connected to each other.

A clear vision (what you are focused on) is the glue that will bring your team together and give them a clear sense of purpose.

This is especially true for Gen Z as they are starting to enter the workforce. They want to know they are valued and they want to be connected to something bigger than just their individual job.

It's important as a leader to regularly slow down and focus on what does and doesn't matter.

If you will be intentional about this, it will help you focus on what can take your ministry to the next level. When you focus on what really does matter, it will have an immediate impact.

Here are some steps you can take to see this happen:

1. Create a common vision.

2. Rally your team around the vision.

3. Stay focused on that vision.

4. Continue to point your team to the vision. Remember, vision leaks.

Leadership is not about driving people to complete their tasks. Instead it's about providing your team members with the "why."

This will keep your team working towards the same vision.

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