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Bouncy Houses & Kids' Ministry

Ahhhh, yes. Bouncy houses. If you are in kids' ministry, you know all about them.

Bouncy houses (or whatever you call them) have been a staple in kids' ministry over the years. And rightly so...kids love them...and so do parents who are looking for ways to help their kids burn off some energy.

On any given day, you'll find them at birthday parties, church events and other special occasions for kids and families.

Bounceland, a company near Chicago that imports inflatables from China, sold more than 12,000 bounce houses between March and June, up 350% from last year.

And due to the virus, sales of these large, outdoors toys on Amazon have increased by 50% this summer. Inflatable water slides are big sellers as they provide kids and parents a way to "beat the heat." The nationwide top seller has been Little Tikes Jump ’n Slide inflatable bounce house, available for $270 on Amazon.

Many parents are also purchasing bouncy houses for stress relief as they try to find something to entertain the kiddos who are now home a lot more.

So why do kids love bouncy houses so much?

Obviously, one reason is because it gives them the opportunity to move, move, move. You can jump, bounce and fly through the air with "the greatest of ease."

But if you look a little deeper, you'll also see that bouncy houses represent something about this special moment in time that other yard toys don’t. Inside the bounce house you are safe. The floor filled with air will catch you when you fall. Plus, you can have a rule that no one outside of your own family can come in without first being checked for signs of the virus.

If you rent bouncy houses quite often, it is worth checking to see how much it would be to buy a few of them. They will quickly pay for themselves as you use them for church activities and events.

And bouncy houses have evolved into a variety of options. You can buy a super hero inflatable...a giant, wild water slide...a castle...a sports themed bouncy house...an obstacle course inflatable...and on we could go. There's a wide variety of bouncy houses for kids to have fun in.

They are also a great outreach tool. Set them up anywhere and you'll find kids and parents eager to connect with you for some free bounce time.

Your turn.

Do you use bounce houses in your ministry (pre-virus days)?

How have you used inflatables for outreach?

Do you own or rent?

Share your thoughts, ideas and insight in the comment section below.

Happy bouncing!

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