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Crawling Out of the Deep, Dark Pit of Depression

Today's post is not for everyone, but it is for you, if the title caused you to stop for a moment and think, "I need help with this."

How are you doing?

It's a simple question, but often is answered with a canned answer that you use to hide how you are really doing.

Someone who is reading this is going through depression. And you're trying to hide it, hoping no one will notice. But the sleepless nights, anxiety and fear is taking its toll on you.

I know how you feel. And I am qualified to answer the question because I have been there and experienced this. To truly understand depression, you have to go through it.

I'm here today to tell you that there is hope. Can you see it? It may just be a tiny beam of light that is trying to shine through the darkness and despair you find yourself in. Grab hold of that tiny ray of hope and find a way to start crawling out of the deep, dark pit you are in.

Here is my story.