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10 Quotes You Can Use to Inspire Your Volunteer Team

The pandemic we have been walking through has left many volunteers hesitant about coming back until things clear up. Which is very understandable.

As a leader, one of our tasks is to keep our volunteers excited and passionate about serving and reaching the next generation.

The pandemic has definitely made this a challenging things to do as a leader.

I have found that quotes can be used to encourage and empower volunteers.

Here are 10 quotes that you can use to encourage your volunteers and let them know how valuable they are to God and to the volunteer team.

Remember that we want to use the ministry to build people rather than using people to build the ministry. We should use wisdom and let volunteers know that first and foremost we want them to be okay personally and that they are protecting their health.

When people know you care about them, they will be more prone to return when the time is right.