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Fort Building Kids

Did you build forts when you were kid? Inside forts built with blankets, pillows and sheets? Or how about an outside fort made from scrap wood, branches, etc.? I built my share of inside forts and also built an outside fort. My buddies and I spent a lot of time building the outside fort. We even made it two story. Have you ever stopped to think about why kids build forts? According to the experts there are several reasons. For some kids it represents a safe haven. Especially as the covid-19 world feels out of their control. The fort is a safe place away from the realities of the world. It can be a relief from the stresses and uncertainties of life. According to Carol Stock Kranowitz, educator and author, "Forts help children reset their stressed bodies and brains. The darkness inside a fort eliminates the stimulus they do not need and intensifies what they do need — such as physical comfort and solitude. Other kids build a fort so they can spend some time alone. They can read, color, play a game on a mobile device, etc. It's a place where they can be away from parents, brothers, sisters, etc. for a little while. Forts give kids an outlet for creativity. It's something they can built with their imagination and creativity. Forts meet the need kids have for play and fun. Kids are wired to play and a fort is an exciting way to help fulfill that need. Forts give kids a sense of accomplishment. It's their project and once it's built, it gives kids a sense of pride and accomplishment. I like to think that church is like a fort. It's a safe place where kids can go to find comfort through Jesus. It's a place where kids can go to read their Bible and learn more about Jesus. It's a place where kids can go to spend time alone with Jesus. Check out this verse that describes how Jesus can be a fort for kids.

The name of the LORD is a strong fortress;

the godly run to him and are safe.

Proverbs 18:10

Think about it! Jesus is the ultimate fort for kids! Let's be faithful to help kids discover the unending love and comfort that comes from following Jesus! This can be used as a great lesson plan as well. Have kids build a fort and then go inside for their small group time. Your turn. Did you build any forts when you were a kid? What are some other things your fort did for you? How can we help kids see that Jesus is like the ultimate fort that you can be sheltered? Share your thoughts and insights in the comment section below.

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