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Kids' Choice Awards 2020 - Winners

If you want to see what today's kids like and who is popular with them, the Kids' Choice Awards is worth the watch. The annual show features actors and singers who were voted the most popular by a nation-wide survey of kids. Here are the results of the 2020 vote. This is a great way to get an inside look at who and what today's kids like. As you read these, think about what draws kids to the winners. What can you learn from it? What are some ideas you can incorporate from these? When a missionary goes to a foreign land, he or she learns as much as they can about the culture they are going to be ministering in. You are a missionary to kids. To be effective, learn as much as you can about their culture. This list is a good start. If there are any winners that you are not familiar with, take some time to look them up and learn about who they are and what they do. Favorite Music Group - BTS Favorite Male Artist - Shawn Mendes Favorite Female Artist - Ariana Grande Favorite Song - Billie Eilish "Bad Guy" Favorite Breakout New Artist - Lil Nas X Favorite Music Collaboration - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello "Senorita" Favorite Social Music Star - JoJo Siwa Favorite Global Music Star - Taylor Swift Favorite Movie - Avengers: End Game Favorite Movie Actor - Dwayne Johnson Favorite Movie Actress - Dove Cameron Favorite Super Hero - Tom Holland Favorite Animated Movie - Frozen II Favorite Male Voice from Animated Movie - Josh Gad Favorite Female Voice from Animated Movie - Beyonce Favorite Kids' TV Show - Henry Danger Favorite Kids' Family TV Show - Stranger Things Favorite Female TV Star - Millie Bobby Brown' Favorite Male TV Star - Jace Norman Favorite Reality Show - America's Got Talent Favorite TV Host - Ellen DeGene Favorite Animated Series - Spongebob SquarePants Favorite Female Sports Stars - Alex Morgan Favorite Male Sports Star - Lebron James Favorite Video Game - Minecraft Favorite Gamer - SSSniperwolf Favorite Female Social Star - Annie LeBlanc Favorite Male Social Star - David Dobrik You can get more information about these artists at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZgBs5H-EH8.

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