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Do You Know the Personality Types On Your Team?

When you are leading a team, it's important to know the different personalities you are leading. This will help you understand where the people on your team are coming from. Let's take a look at 4 big personality types and how you can connect with them and lead them well. The four personality types are analytical, driver, amiable and expressive. Each personalty exhibits general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Each of these needs to be lead in different ways. Let's take a look at them. ANALYTICAL:

  • serious

  • purposeful

  • have high standards

  • orderly

  • organized

  • perfectionists

  • want things done right the first time

  • neat and tidy

  • economical

  • self-disciplined

  • moody

  • critical

  • negative

  • moody

  • decisive

  • over-analyze everything


  • dynamic and active

  • confidence

  • gravitate toward leadership positions

  • not detailed oriented

  • visionaries

  • independent

  • makes decisions

  • harsh

  • proud


  • patient

  • well-balanced

  • quiet

  • witty

  • sympathetic

  • kind

  • do not like to offend people

  • easy to get along with

  • calm

  • can be stubborn and selfish


  • love to have fun

  • turn disaster into humor

  • prevent dull moments

  • generous

  • want to be part of the projects

  • outgoing

  • charismatic

  • persuasive

  • disorganized

  • undisciplined

  • very talkative

As you lead, it is very beneficial to know what characteristic(s) each person has. This will help you know how they are going to react in certain situations and what your response should be. This will also let you know what motivates each person on your team and how you will communicate with them. It's a great tool to use as you onboard new people to your team. The test will help you know where to place them and what areas they will be a good fit for. Here's how to do this. 1. Add personality traits needed for each volunteer position on your team. Put it in writing. 2. Have volunteers take the personality test. 3. Use the answers from the test to match them to the positions that require that personality trait(s). I have a personality test that you can share with your team. It takes about 5 minutes to take and can be very helpful. I recommend having staff and volunteers take it. Email me at dale@ buildingchildrensministry.com and I'll send it to you free of charge.

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