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20 Fun Things Parents Can Do With Their Kids at Home During the Pandemic

As the pandemic continues and kids grow more restless as the days have turned into weeks and now months, cabin fever is setting in. Parents are looking for creative ways they can have fun with their kids at home. Here are 20 fun things parents can do with their kids. These are ideas you can pass along to the families in your ministry. 1. Ride some attractions at Disney World via virtual rides. You can type in the ride you want to go on by searching Google. Lots of rides are just a click away. 2. Bring out the board games. 3. Cook together. Try a new, fun food recipe and cook it up. 4. Set up a treasure hunt. They are pretty easy and depending on how many items you hide, could last a while. Hide anywhere from 10 to 20 items around the house to keep kids occupied for a few hours. 5. Download a coloring sheet and color away. 6. Write a letter to someone who lives far away like a grandparent, friend, cousin, etc. and mail it to them. 7. Put a puzzle together. 8. Visit museums virtually. Many museums have online tours. Google it and you'll find them. 9. Tent fort. Enough said. 10. Read a good book together. 11. Visit a zoo virtually. 12. Build a city. Flatten out a box and draw a road in marker. Add blocks, trucks and other toys for kids to build a city. 13. Facetime grandparents and other family members and friends. 14. Puzzle races. See who can get done first. 15. Pick a favorite animal and research it. Create a fact sheet about it. 16. Blow bubbles inside. 17. Watch a favorite movie or cartoon on mute and make up your own dialogue. 18. Use your smartphone camera to create a home movie. Then watch it together. 19. Pick a favorite song. Choreograph a dance routine to it. 20. Have an Olympics with a bunch of competitions - funny ones, helpful ones like cleaning and really active ones like minute to win it style. Your turn. What are some other games or activities that you recommend during this crisis? Share them with everyone in the comment section below.

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