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Devices Kids Are Using (latest stats)

Kids are engaging with digital devices at younger and younger ages. Let's take a look at the devices kids are using. This can be very helpful information for churches and ministries that are seeking to reach and disciple kids and families through the devices they are using. TV still rules.

TV is still the most common device for kids ages 6 to 12 to watch their favorite shows. Plus, we have to factor in the advancement of TV's with smart and interactive features. Large screen TV's continue to grow in size and are as relevant as they've ever been. On top of that, you have the streaming content industry that is getting families to turn on their TV.

  • 4 in 5 kids watch TV daily.

  • TV shows (69%) are still more popular than YouTube and other videos (53%).

  • YouTube stars jump over to TV as soon as the door opens. An example is Ryan's World, one of the most popular YouTube channels, who has made the jump to TV with a show on Nickelodeon.

Smart phones.

Smartphones are the second most commonly used device for kids.

  • Around 50% of 6-to-12-year-olds use smartphones several times a day. This is up from 38% in 2016.

  • 53% of kids have their own smartphone by the time they are 11.

  • 19% of 8-year-olds have their own smartphone.


Nearly half of kids use tablets daily. But the usage of tablets has been declining in recent years.

  • 49% used tablets in 2019 compared to 55% in 2016.

  • By age 6, kids no longer need a larger tablet for dexterity reasons. Especially since digital content is just as enjoyable on a smartphone screen.

Game Time.

Gaming consoles remain extremely popular with tween boys.

  • 2/3rds of kids ages 6 to 12 play video games at least once a week.

  • Video game systems are the most gendered of devices. More boys playing than girls.

  • Video games are driven by tween boys.

Talking instead of typing.

Typing is being replaced by voice-activated devices. Smart speakers in households is growing daily.

  • 39% of 6-to-12s use a voice assistant without a screen.

  • 34% use newer models that have a screen.

Here's a daily overview of what kids are doing with their smartphones: Kids 6-to-8 years old:

Playing games - 47% Watching videos - 45% Talking - 42% Texting - 40% Watching TV - 31% Watching movies - 25% Tweens 9-to-12 years old:

Playing games - 56% Watching videos - 55% Talking - 49% Texting - 56% Watching TV - 32% Watching movies - 27% Where are we headed? Device usage among kids will continue to be mixed. Portable entertainment that can be used anywhere at anytime will continue to grow with kids and parents. Traditional gaming that ties down kids to their homes will continue to lose traction as portable gaming continues to gain momentum. Here is a visual graphic that shows the percentage of daily device usage by kids.

These stats remind me of the great opportunity we have to impact the next generation through these devices. They can be great tools to share the Gospel with kids and families. We need creative and visionary leaders to grasp this opportunity and create content for this purpose. Will you be that person?

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