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10 Tips That Can Help You Be a Great Team Member

It takes a team to be effective in children and family ministry. And effective teams are comprised of effective team members. So the obvious question is "What is the DNA of a great team member?" What qualities make a great team member? In today's post, let's look at 10 tips that can make you a great team member. 1. A great team member is a collaborator. Rather than flying solo, they tap into the experience and wisdom of other team members. They know that any idea can become a better idea when other team members speak into it. They know the smartest person in the room is the room. 2. A great team member is a great listener. One of the best things you can do as a team member is to see other team members. And this is best done by listening to them. If you listen well, you open the door to really helping and investing in other team members. 3. Help your team members succeed. A good team member is a star. A great team member helps his or her team members become stars. A good team member is powerful. A great team member empowers his or her team members. Spend your time bringing out the skills of those around you. When you do this, people will naturally be attracted to your leadership. 4. Be positive. See the bright side of things. Bring energy rather than draining people's energy. See problems as opportunities. Smile. Smile. Smile. 5. Ask more questions than you give answers. Great leaders ask a lot of questions. When it comes to decisions, rather than trying to quickly figure things out by themselves, they ask questions and work with other team members to formulate the answers. 6. Get to know your team members. Find out about their family. Find out what their hobbies are. Find out what they like to do for fun. Remember their birthday. Find out when their anniversary is and congratulate them. Have them over for dinner to your house. Go to lunch together. This will help build a bond between you and your team members. As you show them that you care about them not just as a team member, but also as a person, it will enhance your friendship and working relationship. 7. Be committed. A great team player is committed to the cause. They are willing to go the second mile. They show up ready to go. They strive for excellence. They are engaged in meetings. They contribute. They are sold out. 8. Be reliable. They show up on time. They keep their word. They follow through with the assignments they are given. 9. Don't play the blame game. Don't throw other team members under the bus. When there is a failure, as the leader, accept responsibility rather than trying to pass it off on someone else. 10. Excellent communication. They lead with an open notebook rather than a secret diary. They communicate in a timely manner. They return phone calls. They respond to emails. They work to make sure everyone who should be in the loop about a task or project, is in the loop.

Your turn. What are some other tips than can help a person become a great leader? Share your thoughts and insight in the comment section below.

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