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Tips From How Disney Is Helping Families Make Magical Moments at Home

It is awesome to see how children's ministries are ministering to kids and their families not just on Sunday, but also during the week in the midst of the current pandemic. We know that millions of kids are home and parents are looking for ways to keep them busy, learning and entertained.

Using technology, churches are equipping parents to disciple their kids at home, discipling kids through interactive videos, broadcasting devotions, engaging with interactive activities and providing downloadable activities, games, learning pages and much more.

I'm sure you are aware that Disney has closed its physical parks during this pandemic. But true to Disney form, they are providing lots of great stuff to help families make magical moments at home. Let's take a look at what they are doing and gather some ideas from their strategy.

Like everyone else, they are running their programs online. Their website for this can be found at this link.

Here are some of the things they are offering. Be thinking of how you could do these things on a smaller scale and shoestring budget. The good news is most of the ideas below can be done with little to no cost. And for the video portions, if you have a phone with a camera built in, you are ready to go.

A digital video series called At Home With Olaf. What short videos can you create? Grab a camera and create a fun video with elements that tie into your lessons. If you don't have the resources or ability to create your own videos, then check to see if there are some other short videos you could show (make sure to follow copyright policies)?

Disney also has made a virtual ride-through of "It's a Small Word" attraction. What if you created a walk through video of your children's area? How could you make it creative? Maybe there are some puppets waiting to interact in one of the rooms? Maybe you can show them behind the scenes in your prop or storage rooms.

Take a cue from this and post your worship songs / videos on line and encourage kids and parents to sing-a-long (remember to follow copyright laws). Challenge parents to see if they can keep up with their kids' moves.

Disney also has a story time with the original Mulan voice actress, Ming-Na Wen. You can also stream or have on demand Bible stories read by someone. Kids and parents can make a meal or dessert together. You could do this as well and tie the ingredients into truths from God's Word. An example would be making homemade bread and using it for communion...explaining what the bread represents.

There is a tutorial on how to draw Olaf. What if you walked the kids through drawing some Bible characters or scenes? Moses parting the Red Sea? Daniel with sling shot? Jesus in the boat with the disciples? You can keep the drawings simple.

Disney also has coloring and activity sheets that you can download and print from their website. You can do the same thing with lesson activity sheets, coloring pages, etc.

Their mission statement for this online strategy is this.

"Disney Magic Moments lets you experience the magic of Disney wherever you may be. Enjoy Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic with stories, videos and activities to inspire imagination and discovery among kids, fans and families alike."

Disney says they have been "thrilled" to see families creating their own Disney moments while isolating at home during the coronavirus pandemic. What an amazing opportunity you have as a children's ministry leader to connect with families at home and provide them with tools they can use together to create some "God moments." Would love to see some examples of what you are doing at your church to engage kids and families during the weekdays. Share the link in the comment section below so we can check it out. p.s. Have you gotten your copy of "If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry? It shares tons of ideas you can use from Disney to make your ministry a magnet for kids. You can get the book at this link.

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