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Online Church Services For Kids Have Arrived

For years, there has been talk about doing online church services for kids. Up to this point, there were only one or two churches that had tried it that I was aware of.

Then came the Coronavirus. For the many churches, it has meant a new way of doing church. Moving from being in a room all together to connecting and watching the service online at home.

It was obvious that the adult worship service would be broadcast online. But what about their children?

Some answers that emerged were encouraging kids and their parents to watch the kids' online service together. Another option is for kids to watch their service on a secondary screen while their parents are watching the adult service on their devices.

It will be interesting to see the future of this as we move past the virus. Will some kids' ministries continue offering their kids' services online? If so, what will the format be? How will they adapt their curriculum for an online format?

I'm all for getting Biblical content and teaching to kids online. It's such a great way to share the Gospel with kids and families who wouldn't have ever darkened the doors of a church if they weren't first connected online.

Another aspect I love about an online service is it gives kids and parents the opportunity to worship together at home. And churches are providing great resources for parents to follow up after the online lesson.

I do believe there is no substitute for kids and families being discipled by a person who knows their name and story. A person that physically meets them at church and interacts with them. A person who can put their hand on their shoulder and pray for them.

As we continue walking through this new reality, it is important that we are strategic in the way we balance online and in person worship.

Below are some examples of a few children's ministries' online services. Check them out. You will be encouraged and inspired to do reach this generation.

Do you also have some kids' online worship experiences? I'd love to see them. You can post the url's in the comment section below for everyone.

Praying for you and with you as we continue to navigate how to best reach the next generation in a world that is in turmoil.

*p.s. If you are receiving this article in an email, I've put the video links below so you can watch as well.






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