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Why Your Lessons Must Be Strategic

What you are teaching the children God has entrusted in your care is crucial.

The Bible is full of things we can teach. From Genesis to Revelation, there is so much you can share with kids (okay...maybe Revelation is the exception).

This leads many children's ministries to jump around and teach whatever catches their eye at the time. Or to blindly follow whatever curriculum they have chosen with out taking the time to research what the curriculum is focused on.

I believe we must be strategic with what we are teaching. Think about this - we only have a few short years to impact kids. A narrow window of time that we can pour into their lives. And we must understand that what we are pouring into their lives during that time matters...immensely.

What you teach should be laser focused. What should the focus be? What you teach should line up with what you want kids to walk away with when they leave your children's ministry.

Our goal must also be for what we teach to get locked into kids' long-term memory. When this happens, we are equipping children to live out what they have been taught both now and in the years ahead.

So what should our focus be? What should we laser in on?