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Time to Start Planning for Easter

You just finished putting away your Christmas lesson stuff and now it's already time to start planning for Easter. This year Easter falls on the weekend of April 12 and will be here in just a few short weeks. Easter is one of the weekends when lots of people come to church. Want to know how many people you are ministering to each month? Your Easter attendance is a good measuring bar. Everyone shows up at the same time. Even your CEOs (Christmas and Easter Only) come to church. Easter is also an incredible weekend to share the Gospel with kids and families. Easter is all about Jesus rising from the dead so we could have eternal life with Him. It's such a great opportunity to reach people. But you've got to be ready. Your content on Easter Sunday should be fun for kids while at the same time clearly sharing the Gospel with them. That's why I created an Easter lesson entitled "C.S.I." It stands for Christ Scene Investigation. It is highly interactive and immediately captures kids' attention. Use this captivating lesson and your behavioral issues will go away on that day.

  • Kids are invited to join the C.S.I. Team to investigate if Jesus rose from the dead. They examine three scenes to look for clues, collect evidence and talk with eyewitnesses. The evidence will lead them to make a decision about whether Jesus’ resurrection is true and if they want to enter a relationship with Him.

  • This lesson is also a great way to teach kids apologetics for the resurrection. It takes kids on a deeper diver to help them know why we can know Jesus rose from the dead.

  • Includes a ready-to-print evidence recorder book that kids use during the investigation.