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Who's On Your Board of Directors

Every leader needs a board of directors. By board of directors, I mean a few people whom you love and trust, that you allow to speak into your life. When I counsel with children's and family ministry leaders, I often ask them who is on their board of directors. I recommend having 3 people on your board. First, have a board member who is younger in ministry than you. This will help you stay in touch with what's new on the horizon and give you a pulse on what the next generation of leaders are thinking about the subject. This is especially true as you get older. You need to surround yourself with younger leaders. Staying relevant in ministry is made possible by doing this. Secondly, have a board member who has been in ministry about the same time as you. This will give you another perspective about things you are both facing or trying to figure out at your current stage. Thirdly, have a board member who has been in ministry longer than you. They can provide you with wisdom, insight and experience since they are farther along on the journey. Can you currently fill this in? My younger mentor is _____________. My same season of life mentor is _____________. My mentor who has been in ministry longer than me is _______________. Choose who you will bring into your circle of influence very carefully. You want to get great advice from all three angles. Your board of directors should be able to...

  • give you a warning signal if you start heading off course

  • provide you with feedback on your leadership

  • ask you the hard questions when needed

  • encourage you when you are down

  • challenge you and draw you out of your comfort zone

  • pray with you and for you

  • help you grow spiritually

  • give you advice when you are faced with an important decision

One of the best things you can do for your leadership this coming year is to enlist these 3 mentors. They will help you get to a new level of leadership.

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