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10 Important Times to Pray with Your Child

It is so important to pray for your child. Pray for your child when he or she is sick. Pray for your child when he or she is facing a hard situation. Pray for your child when he or she is faced with temptation. This is so, so important. Yes, we should pray FOR our children, but we should also pray WITH our children. Here are 10 crucial times you should pray WITH your child. A faith commitment prayer. I believe parents should be the one to lead their child in a prayer of salvation. You can set up your process to make this happen. Instead of praying a salvation prayer in class, when the parents are not there, set up a class that parents and kids attend together to hear a clear Gospel presentation. At the end of the class, give parents the opportunity to lead their child in a prayer of salvation. We have a solid curriculum for this class that is available for you. We've seen thousands of parents lead their children to Jesus using these materials. You can read more about it at this link. When preparing to travel. I remember my father always stopping to pray with us before we pulled out of the driveway. He asked the Lord to bless us and keep us safe from any danger we may face. Now I do the same thing with my family. Meal time. Rather than rushing to "dig in and eat it up" because everyone is "starving," pause to bow your head and thank the Lord for the food and provisions He has provided. Praying before you eat is something that can be passed on to future generations. Bed time. There is something special about bed time prayers. It can have a powerful, impact in your child's life. Help your child keep a list of things he or she is praying for. Rejoice with your child when prayer requests are answered. When facing a big challenge. Perhaps it's a big test at school. Moving and switching to a new school. Overcoming a big fear. Standing up to a bully on the playground. Our children should know that prayer is the first step in facing a big challenge. When tragedy strikes. A grandparent or someone else the child is close to passes away. An impending natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, flooding, etc. Help calm children's fears by praying with them. Starting the day off. Pray with your child as they start their day. Ask God to be with them. Ask God to help them make wise choices. Ask God to direct their steps. Ask God to bless their day. Ask God to help them stand for Him. Pray for other people who need God's help. A friend that is in the hospital. A missionary overseas. People in other countries who are living in despair. An aunt who is in school to be a doctor and has a big test coming up. Pray with your child for God's provision. Perhaps your family needs a new vehicle. Perhaps you need money to repair a vehicle. Perhaps your child needs money for a soccer uniform, but your budget is really tight this month. Pray for God to step in and provide. Pray as a family when a big decision has to be made. Dad or mom making a big job change. Buying a new house. Selling your older car for a new one. Taking care of grandparents...when and how? Praying kids come from praying parents. Praying during the times I mentioned will help your child become a person of prayer and commitment to Christ. There's nothing more important than praying FOR and WITH your child.

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