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The Game Show Curriculum Series Your Kids Will Love

With limited time each week, what we teach the kids in our ministry matters a lot. A whole...........lot. A whole, whole lot. I believe we have to be very strategic in what we teach. We have a limited number of opportunities, before kids are grown and off to college. As part of our Connect 12 curriculum, one of the series is about discovering just how big God is and why He deserves our worship. This 5-week series teaches kids what true worship is through an interactive game show format. Kids discover who God is - His divine nature, attributes and characteristics. They are given practical ways they can worship God every day of the week through their attitude, actions and adoration. Lessons include...

  • Lesson 1 - God is eternal

  • Lesson 2 - God is powerful

  • Lesson 3 - God is all-knowing

  • Lesson 4 - God is loving

  • Lesson 5 - God is 3-in-1

You get...

  • graphics for posters, social media, promotion