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Great Free Games You Can Use for Children's Ministry

Games are a big part of children's ministry. And if you're like most children's ministry leaders, you're always looking for games you can use. I came across a game website that is very popular with today's kids. It is called Famous Birthdays. You can see it at this link. What I love about this site are the ideas you can use to create Bible games for your ministry. Looking through the games listed and illustrated on this site will spark lots of ideas for games you can use in children's ministry. The games can be used in a large group or small group settings. One of the great ways you can use this is for review games. Here are some of the games I like on this site that can be used for this. GRAB THE CUP

  • 2 kids sit or stand side-by-side

  • place a cup between them

  • ask the review question

  • first person who grabs the cup and says the correct answer wins


  • bring up several kids

  • ask them to name 3 people, places, things, animals etc. that are found in the Bible

  • example - ask the kids to name 3 kings in the Bible


  • put up the name of a Bible character

  • kids have to guess the person's age

  • put up 4 possible answers

  • example - Jesus went to temple at what age - 12, 11, 15, 13


  • put up the names of 4 Bible characters

  • state something one of the characters did and kids have to guess who did it

  • example - I saved my people from being killed (Esther)

These are just a few of the game ideas you can find on this website. Talking about games for children's ministry - what is your favorite game to play with the kids at church? Share the game with us by posting it in the comment section below.

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