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Why Do They Keep Changing the Box?

Here's a picture of the most recent kids' meal box from McDonalds. Notice what the theme is...Toy Story 4. It's the latest movie in the series. Why does McDonalds keep changing out the theme that's on the box? It's so they can stay relevant for today's kids. McDonalds kids' meals have been around a long time. Since 1979 to be exact. The first kids' meal box was circus-wagon-themed and came with a hamburger, French fries, cookies, a soft drink and a toy. While the food inside the box hasn't changed much over the years, the outside box cover constantly changes. Why? To stay connected and relevant for today's kids. If you stop and think about it - this is a great strategy for children's ministries to use as well. Our message (the food inside the box) doesn't change. The Gospel is the same across the ages. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus was buried and rose from the grave for our sins. He is the way to eternal life. But how we present the Gospel must change to be relevant to the kid culture in which we live. Can you imagine the reaction of today's kids if you put the circus-wagon-theme from 1979 back on the box? Kids would be saying, "What is that on the box? I am not familiar with it. It looks old and outdated." The same must be true with presenting the Gospel. We must not get stuck in the past. Today's kids are not yesterday's kids. We must present God's Word to them through their current culture. There have been some great children's ministries that got stuck. They stopped changing. They grew complacent. They starting looking in the rear view mirror more than the front window. They started letting past traditions dictate the future. Rather than just honoring the past, they decided to perpetuate the past. I want to encourage you to gather everything you do to teach kids God's Word and take a hard look at it. Is it engaging the children? Is it relevant to their life? Are kids excited about it? Is anything outdated? What needs to be changed? You've got the greatest spiritual food. Just make sure you are packaging it for today's kids. Your turn. How do you keep your Bible teaching relevant for today's kids? How do you lead well when making changes? Are you intentional about staying current with child trends?

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