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Secrets to Seeing Kids Laugh in Church

In Psalm 122, David said, "I was GLAD when they said, let us go to the house of the Lord." I believe church should be an exciting, fun, happy experience for kids. One way you can know kids are enjoying something is laughter. Kids love to laugh and I believe the hallways and rooms at our churches should resonate with giggles, laughs and snickers. We must create environments where kids can laugh instead of being told to sit still and be quiet. Kids are drawn toward people and places that can make them laugh. Let's look at some ways you can see kids laughing at your church. Play games that evoke laughter. An example is the freeze game. Get the kids up and on their feet. When the music begins, everyone starts dancing. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze. Use funny poses when the music stops. Tell a funny story in your teaching time. Use a story that ties into the lesson's main point. Tell a joke. Knock knock jokes work well. Use slapstick humor. An example would be tripping as you go onto the stage. Use silly props. An example would be trying to use a shoe as a phone. Talk in a funny voice. Mouse voice. Duck voice. High pitched voice. Low, bass voice. Make a funny face. Smile and giggle with the babies in the nursery. Call something or someone by the wrong name. Keep repeating the wrong name until the kids are laughing. Yes. There should be some serious moments in the large group and small group times. But the majority of the time should be filled with laughter, smiles and giggles. Your turn. How do you incorporate laughter with the kids? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.

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