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Help Kids See the Evidence That Jesus Rose From the Dead

Today's kids want to see proof that Jesus rose from the dead. Check out what they are saying...

46% say they need factual evidence to support their beliefs.

24% say the teaching they are exposed to is shallow.

27% say the church is not a safe place to express doubts.

This means almost half of the kids who will sit in your Easter service want proof that Jesus rose from the dead. They won't believe it just based solely on your declaration.

Cute, fluffy little lessons will not do the job. We must take kids on a deeper dive and show them why we know Jesus rose from the dead.

Fluffy little Easter lessons are part of the reason why kids go off to college without a solid foundation and walk away from their faith. Many of them to never return to church.

It was out of this burden for the next generation that the "C.S.I." lesson was created. C.S.I. stands for "Christ Scene Investigation." Kids go on a fun, yet deep dive into God's Word to get clear evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. Kids are given the facts, but are also left with room to grapple and examine the facts for themselves.

Here is a quick look at some of the videos from the lesson.

You get all of this and much more for only $29. You can order it at this link. Comes as a digital download so you have it immediately.

Join dozens of other churches who are using this lesson to reach Gen Z kids and parents.

You'll see a fruitful day and will reach kids and parents for Christ.

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